An Installation with Surel's Place
Location: The Green Box
Garden City, ID
Carr Street, between 33rd & 34th in the Live-Work-Create District
November 1, 2020 - March 14, 2021

According to a Japanese legend, whoever folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish. This installation is a growing “garden” made of paper cranes folded by the community. The title - Reviresco - is a Latin word that means "I will grow strong again". We have all faced difficulty during these trying times. Thus, what is important now is how we overcome trouble and heal together. Therefore, the intention/wish of the cranes is to heal the wounds of our local communities. I believe that people need a symbol of hope during this time and historically one of the greatest symbols of hope is a garden. The Green Box was originally a WWII era mobile military office. Citizens were encouraged to plant victory gardens in WWII to boost morale and supplement rations. In the Japanese Internment Camps, internees grew gardens to make desolate landscapes feel more like home. In Japan, plants that survived the atomic bombing gave victims hope that perhaps they could survive too. Our sufferings in 2020 are different from WWII, but I make these comparisons to show that even in the hardest of times we have found hope and persevered. Woven wire teardrops suspended from the ceiling, rain down upon the garden. As more cranes are folded, I will add them to the installation so it appears to grow over time. Even though we can not all be together during this time, our flowers within the garden can.



Everyone is welcome to participate in this installation by helping to fold 1,000 cranes. 

Paper: The cranes can be made of any paper found at home including newspaper and printer paper. If using plain white paper, please decorate it with vibrant colors. Typically, the best size of paper for origami is 6 inches by 6 inches. While supplies last there will be some origami paper located behind the Green Box in a plastic bin labeled “Crane Drop-off” that participants may take. 

How to fold: To print instructions click "Paper Crane Instructions" down below. Printed instructions on how to fold paper cranes will also be in the plastic bin labeled “Crane Drop-off” while supplies last. 

Drop-off: Drop-off all completed cranes in the plastic bin behind the green box labeled “Crane Drop-off”.

Alternate participation: For those who have difficulty folding cranes, I will accept flowers made from materials found at home. Materials that can be used for the flowers are paper, fabric, pipe cleaners, pom poms, plastic, and recycled materials. No sharp, perishable or hazardous materials please. Flowers can be dropped off in the same box as the paper cranes. Click "Flower Template" for an easy printable project.

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